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WHY CHOOSE Glueless?

Since many customers in the market complain that the hair they bought couldn't last, they always have some very bad experiences shopping online. Also, they don't know how to buy good hair from so many chaotic hair sellers online.

Have you also been plagued by these troubles?

When the beauty of black women around the world is so desirable to be able to use the best hair for a long time without worries, as the top hair brand, our mission is to bring beauty and valuable service to customers around the world, Glueless® was determined to research and develop a unique, top-quality hair, and ensure that the top-quality hair can last many years. In the development process, the co-founders Michelle and Corona tried hundreds of ways to solve these problems. Finally, Michelle pays off, they found the best material in the world and the most advanced technology to keep hair curl. Now we put our fingerprint here to help you recognize the original hair.

Most importantly, We are your consultant in terms of hair using&caring more than a hair supplier! We promise that gluless hair can last one year at least. In addition, we will try our best to help you solve hair problems or return/refund. It's our responsibility to bring you a pleasant shopping experience!

Quality is our life. With the experience of over 1,000,000 sales and service transactions, we have first-hand knowledge of what our clients need. With over 100 staff members in sales and customer service, we offer unbeatable product variety and great customer care. We have sold to over 150 countries worldwide and our clients can receive their packages in merely 7-15 days!


Your outstanding shopping experience is our top priority. We go the extra mile to bring you better images that guide to help you to find exactly what you are looking for. We want each and every one of our clients to look and feel fabulous. If you ever have a suggestion, drop us a line at [email protected].


The secret to our success is every one of you! We appreciate your perspective on products and love to see every one of the photos and stories shared on our site. You inspire and remind us what we do goes way beyond simply offering wearable hair. Wigs and hairpieces have the power to make the wearer feel confident and beautiful and empowered to face the world.


Glueless® provides high-quality beauty and hair products in the industry while ensuring professional and informed expert assistance for a pampering online shopping experience.


With the ever-increasing popularity of online shopping, we continually strive to instill confidence in our clients by offering quality beauty and hair products and industry expertise. Our desire is to provide an internet beauty source, which offers a customer service experience beyond reproach. We believe everyone can and deserves to be beautiful.

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We provide high-quality and affordable handmade wigs and hair extensions like lace closure, lace frontal, and bundles.

We handpick each strand of hair to make sure that the cuticles are aligned in the same direction. This helps to prevent tangles. Our superior, full-bodied, and long-lasting hair offers you natural fullness, wave, and usability. You can wash it, color it, and blow dry it just as you would do with your own hair.

As long as you properly maintain your hair, it will sustain its beauty and use for over 2 years.

Clear Lace Wigs

Clear Lace is a revolutionary all-new lace type that’s clear and blends seamlessly into your skin. It gives you a fantastic skin-melting experience, better than that of Swiss Lace, transparent lace, brown lace, or any other lace type on the market. As you can see in the image below, the Clear Lace is invisible on the skin, which helps to make your wig look natural, no matter your skin tone.

Clean Hairline

The clean hairline is a new hand-tied technique that simulates a bio-natural human hairline. It is a much more natural hairline than a normal pre-plucked hairline. The best thing about our Clean Hairline technology is that you will never need to pluck the hairline yourself. With a Clean Hairline, melting your wig into your skin will be easy and your wig will look very natural.




We provide O2O, OEM & ODM services, which simply means we can be your supplier if you are looking forward to starting your own hairline or being a wholesale buyer easily.

We will provide you with high-quality and affordable products. We will be there to answer all your questions 24/7! We pay attention to our lovely customers and only want you to have the best experience possible with Glueless® Hair Vendor! please feel free to contact us at [email protected]


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